I have worked with  Andy Kostow  for 4 years. Andy’s coaching and knowledge of Thinking Into Results, along with his enthusiasm provides me the right thinking that I use to challenge myself to new heights. Andy is always available to help keep me focused, encouraged and optimistic. I set up my own company and built an e-commerce website for revenue.  Now I am pursuing my worthy ideal in technology development.

Robert Black, General Manager & Owner, Wingman Ventures LLC


I was at a transition point in my life and needed a plan and help feeling secure that I could make the necessary changes in my life to move forward successfully.  Andy does a terrific job of helping you make the most out of the Thinking Into Results lessons and really tailors the lessons to your individual issues. I felt much more in control of my actions and reactions to set backs as I went thru this program with him. The lessons stay with me still and I find I am more focused and positive about my goals in life as a result of working with Andy and learning the tools of this program.

Catharine Williams


My mutual friend seemed happier and I wanted to know her secret. Her secret was working with Andy Kostow. A simple meeting with Andy ended up changing my life twice for the better in one year. He works with you to help you on bringing out the positive and best in life. He helps bring everything that you know to be true inside outside to show you your reality. How? With patience, hard work, and discipline he guides rather than instructs. Andy instructs with laughter and kindness.  Working with Andy twice he changed my life for the better twice in one year. His promise is to help YOU deliver what you want right to your doorstep.
Debbie Pfisterer