My Story

Andy KostowAndy Kostow has a passion for making sense out what we do and why we do it. He simplifies things because he believes simple makes it easy to apply. Andy has a specific process for individuals and businesses to uncover what holds them back from their goals and visions. He gets to the cause of why they do what they do, so they can move forward to their success.

As a results coach for 14 years, he is a certified consultant and leadership coach with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and a personal fitness trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Andy is an expert results coach and mastermind facilitator bringing people together globally, creating platforms for expansion, accountability and growth.  He has worked with Bob Proctor, as a Mastermind facilitator since 2012 and facilitator at Proctor Gallagher Matrixx . Andy has worked with business owners, personal trainers, coaches and individuals to break through their mental and physical challenges. He’s been in the health & Wellness field for 25 years.

Andy lives in Delaware. He Enjoys fitness, acrylic painting, and traveling.